yzf 426 Edelbrock carb???

Not doubting, just intrigued by it.

No BS, it really seemed to clean up a little low rpm bog that I hunted down for the longest time. It was like an itch I couldnt quite scratch.


This is the key statement:

I would say it's a little better when warm...
Makes sense now.
This is the key statement:

Makes sense now.

Can you elaborate?

When the engine is cold, it needs a richer mixture, when warm, leaner. If the bog got worse when warm, it would indicate that it was caused by too much fuel. The engine could tolerate it when cold, but not after it warmed up.

Yours was the reverse; it was better when warm, indicating that it was too lean, and the hotter the engine got, the closer the lean condition got to being what the engine wanted.

makes sense

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