Fuel screw

HI! Im looking to order a extended fuel screw from the TT store. I have a drz400s with a old style frc 39. Wicht fuel crew do i need FMS01 or FMS02 ? I just want to make sure i order the right one. Thanks.


Or make your own:applause: bronco and myself made ours for pennies worth of brass tube, a screw and some epoxy

Thank you guy .

As 10Guy states, you can modify your own. A small piece of tubing epoxied on with some sort of knob. Some have silver soldered the tube on the fuel screw and drilled crosswise through the end of the brass tube, silver soldering in a roll pin.

At one time there were fitment issues with some of the aftermarket ones. They would hit the starter

The kientech sits really close to the starter, but does fit.

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