Where to buy YZ450F& YZ250F(in FLORIDA)


I´m from Europe and visit Florida in two weeks

So I decided to buy some bikes.

Can anyone of you tell me where I can get the bikes cheap

and what is the price that I have to pay for a 2008 model.

I aske this because I have to check from my side the shipping to europe

and the money transfer to the dealer

so I have not much time to arranche this at my trip in florida

thanx in advance


Leesburg Yamaha (north central Florida) just had a new 07 450 on Ebay, due to shipping it didn't make since for me to purchase, however when I talked to the salesmen at the shop, he mentioned they were way over-stocked on 07 models. You might want to contact then, particularly if you are thinking about multiple purchases. As far as 08 models are concerned in Florida I am not sure, sorry. Just so your aware, here in the states there is a $750 rebate on the 08's and $850 rebate on 07's until the end of the month.

If you want what I found to be the cheapest price on an 08 450 in the US contact Port Yamaha in Port Washington, Wisconsin, their price presently is $5,499.00. Ask for Mike E. I was able to buy an 08 from them and have it shipped to me and saved several hundred bucks over anyone in my area. I would prefer to buy locally, but the difference was significant. Hope that helps and good luck on buying some new bikes. :confused:

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