Seal Savers ????

I had the same problem. There just isn't much clearance between the guard and the seal saver. The heat gun didn't work too well. The guards are pretty thick plastic and it kept bouncing back. So I strapped a softball inside the guard and then hit it with the heat gun. Let it sit over night. Did it a couple of times, really got the guard hot. Now I have enough clearance, no more rubbing on the seal saver.

Thanx man, i will try that "softball" thing maybe in the oven at 200 degrees?? Would this be ok. :confused: Yes I tried it over and under the plastic fork guide. Never could get them to open they went right back after a few days.

Have a holeshot device on right one now but I can take it off if I can get the fork guards right.


Ok guys I have my new seals installed and the seal savers put on, but was wondering how far down the inner tube should they seal savers overlap.

Now as for the guides that are on the fork tubes, you say I have to put these over the seal savers???

Well this is how I have it done, does it look ok or do I need to use the supplied tie straps somewhere too???



I am watching this on the edge of my seat. I bought a 07 wr450 dec 23 and took my fork tubes to get rebuilt today. leaking like crazy.My freind that bought one the same time is even worse he has lost atleast 3/4's of his oil. Is mountianmax's a proper install job or do you do somthing different?

I just got off the phone with sealsavers, they told me to put them the small part of the tubes by 2-3" and to put the fork guard covers over the savers like in the pic, and then there is no need of using the 2 tie wraps that come with them, so according to the makers it is all good...

i think that i am gonna get a pair of these.

i took my forks in today to have them done, and i figure i might as well get a set of these when i go to pick them up.

We ride alot of muddy, sandy, nasty trails here in central IN.. they have to help somewhat.. lol

I use Tusk neoprene seal guards and they have worked great. They were real cheap too.

I'm thinking about taking the big accordian boots off my drz400 (it has conventional shocks) and using seal savers. But for about the same price I really like those sox's that I can slip right on.

Any reason why I shouldn't use them on my mostly street ridden drz?


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