Oregon Riders, DMV and Plating an XR650R Questions

I just bought a new 2007 XR650R, how hard is it in Oregon to license this for street? Add a baja kit and ride to DMV or what? I tried to have the dealer license it when I purchased it, the biz manager said he could not do it for me. Any advice is appreciated, just trying to get a heads up to what I should expect, thanks all..

Do a search in the dual sport forum. There is somewhere around 854,521 threads about this.

Thanks Ken, That forum answered a lot of questions, I'll have to wait and see what my title says when it arrives.

It is really hit and miss. I just talked to a guy that got plates on a very offroad bike. DMV sent a letter wanting more info. He called and got lucky. Kept the plates and now has a "legal" title. Sounds like persistance and a little luck pays off.

Call Kip at Cliff's in Baker, Oregon. He can give you the full scoop. He is the area Honda dealer and is very knowledgeable.

Good Luck

I have a person at the dmv that I seem to get every time, and I seem to be there every other month or so. She makes it really easy. So far no one has questioned the plates for klx400r or crf230:thumbsup:

It can be done. Even if your title says "offroad only".

If it's new and never been plated just try a couple different DMV's and see what happens. You can initially slip by and may never have a problem.

If you get a letter from Salem, like me, then you must do an honest to goodness legal dual-sport kit, write them a nice letter and take a bunch of pictures showing everything you've done, including turn signal activation, brake light, high beam, mirror etc... take a bunch of good pics. Send them a copy of THEIR REQUIREMENTS TOO. Then send your portfolio to the DMV in Salem, Vehicle Processing division 1 or 2 (has worked for me and a buddy) with your signed EPA compliance form and pray for the best. :thumbsup:

talked to a guy in bend two weeks ago with a 650r and said it was a pain but he finally got it.

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