Rear Brake Hose

The rear brake on my 90 RM250 was stuck. Once I took all the pieces apart it appears the hose has either deteriorated on the inside or is gummed up. High pressure air will go through it but slowly. Time for a new hose?

You could try soaking it in solvent like mineral spirits to clean it out, but it sounds like time for a new hose. I'd check out the caliper and master cylinder while you're at it; if the hose is gummed up chances are they are, too.

New hose and pads did the trick. Works great but took a while to get the air out. Ended up renting a vacuum pump. I still think there is too much travel with the brake pedal. I had to extend the adjustable master cylinder rod that attaches to the rear of the pedal. Is it possible to get the fluid just right where the end of the pedal moves maybe an inch or less?

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