Anyone riding PIRU-MX this weekend?

SAT. April 27th is the re-opening date, I will be at the track sat.,hopefully it's not to crowded. Anyone else thinking of going. :)

Hey Desto,

What time does it open? I might be able to go for a couple of hours.

Gates open 8:30 Practice 9-4 $18.00 for 80cc and up

Can walk track between 8:30-9:00. If you go,i drive a white ford van, my # on my WR is 53.I'll be there

with about 3-4 of my friends.Hope you to see you there. Mike

have you heard about the track yet? I rode Gorman's track for the first time yesterday...pretty cool.

I rode my YZ 250 becuase I am selling it and I wanted one last ride on her.

How does the WR do on the track?

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