Looking for riding partners - 5/3 and 5/4

Good Afternoon Rocky Mountain TT'ers.

The wife and I are going to be in Denver the weekend of May 3rd and 4th and I'll be bring the wr450. I rode Rampart last year, putting in from the South side. I had dilusions of riding alone last year but ended up tagging along with a few really nice guys and am glad I did. It's not like riding in Nebraska, you really need to have some one there just in case.

That said, I don't have anyone to ride with and am hoping to find some one or a group to tag along with. I'm looking to do some trail riding and consider myself to be a mid level rider. I'm no super star but hold my own.

Anyone planning to be out those days? Mind some one tagging along?



You don't have to use much coercion to get us to ride, so ping me a little closer to that time and I'd be happy to have an excuse to ride.

That's exactly what I was telling the wife yesterday.

The only TT'ers that are going to be talking about riding as far out as May are tourists. The locals probably have no idea what they are doing on May 2 and 3.

Anyway, I greatly appreciate the response and will definitely ping you when the time gets closer.

Out of curiousity, where are you located? Do you ride Rampart Range often?

Thanks again!


I live in Castle Rock and ride RR or Rainbow Falls once a week during the times its open. You need to get a condition report in about a month. Lots of snow up their this year. They are already talking temporary closures.


I try to go 3-4 times a month, and have for 25 years, so I feel like I'm getting to know my way around there.

Afternoon Guys,

Looks like my plans got moved back a week (closing on a house I'm selling). I'll be up coming over May 8 and should be able to ride Friday, Saturday or Sunday (9-11) depending upon weather and availability of others to ride with.

Let me know if you will be around and where you might be riding. I'd really appreciate it.

Hey, is Rampart still closed? Think I'll go some research...

Still closed as of today. The ranger district said to call again on Friday. There is snow expected tomorrow, so they are not sure what will happen.


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