Kickstart shaft problem, HELP!!!

2001 YZ 125

I kicked and heard a snap, and the kick lever went way fave forward (like there was no stop... opened it up and saw the following (crack)

Anyone know if this is the problem...

if so, what is that piece called

here are some pictures:




Also, what tools does it take to fix? i cant seem to get it off...

That's the kick axle. You need to take the clip off then slide the axle out.

New one will cost you $32.00 or so.

You can click here to see: 2001 YZ125 kick axle

Part no. 1LX-15660-03-00



This is going to be vague sorry guys...but i remember reading that there is a piece that wears out/breaks that limits the kickstarter so that its not all sloppy and goes to far forward? Which piece is that? I'll search some more and see if i can find it. But you have some good pics here so I'm hoping someone can point it out.

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