Not familiar with Kawasakis at all. Posted this in the Kawa 2-stroke forum, but nobody knows anything so far. Here's the link ~

Check it here


Didn't the big Kawis grow to be real kings of the desert? I seem to remember reading the tests of the day and how they were real desert racers. Not much for the woods or the supercross track, tho.

But then, the one you're looking at may be a bit earlier than that reputation.

I'd still go for it. A limited production vintage bike? How cool is that?

Like you said in your other post: you like tinkering and resurrecting old 2-strokes, so I'm sure you have the capability...

I'd go for it. Good luck, and keep us posted.

Got any pix?


The big bore Kawis were pretty rare then, and even more so now. Going for a vintage bike, unless you have a specific desire ( I wanted/had/blew up one of those in 198X), the rule for me is parts availability. If I have a 27 year old bike, can I get parts for it? I don't run a museum, everything get dirty but my wife.

Aaahhhh, don't listen to those naysayers! With ebay and a little patience, you can get just about anything for any bike! :confused: Maybe with a little horse-trading, maybe with a little backyard mechanic-ing... :excuseme:

'course, if all you can do is run down to your friendly OEM dealer to buy every little thing, well, maybe this vintage thing isn't for you...

Hope nobody takes offense. :excuseme:


Sounds like I'll be skipping this one. Thanks for the input guys! I want something I can fix up the ride the balls off of. Big 2-strokes & me are like moths & flames. I love 'em, but they're gonna kill me one of these days ~


The old KX models are about impossible to find parts for, even on eBay. That's why there are so few being raced. It's one of the hardest bikes to find parts for, period.

The lack of info on a general internet search is very very low. If I'm going to tinker on it, I'm going to ride and ride hard. I ride my TS185 likes it's a modern motocross bike until to throws me off then cool it down a notch ~


What about a KX 500?? maybe something a bit newer like 88 or something?? Those things are really cool

I would LOVE a KX500. Can't find one in my sub-$1000 price range though ~


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