CRF250X Plastic

I'm sure you guys have been asked this a million times so I appologize right off the bat. Does the plastic from a CRF250 fit a CRF250X. How hard is it to put a front number plate on and get rid of the head-light? What do I have to do?:confused::excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden:

The front fender, rear fender, shrouds, and right side side number plate from a 04/05 R will fit....the left side number plate is the issue because the X has the air filter door, while the R doesn't. The part I don't know is if you can use the left side R number plate and just lose the air filter door or if it will not fit all together.

As for the the headlight's pretty straight forward. I think the cyrca front number plate works really well on the x's....I use it. However you can modify an R number plate to work.

Does the number plate bolt right on or do you have to do some rigging?

Cool. I didnt see the articles you posted below. I can just leave my side number plates on my X and just use the other pieces from a reg CRF250 then?

Its pretty easy and if you decide to sell you x headlight let me know......Brent

I'm going to give it a try. Thanks guys. Your a huge help

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