CRF230F Dumping fuel post Power-Up Mod


2007 Honda CRF230F

205lb Rider

Sea Level 50 Degree day in Seattle

Air Box Removed

Exhaust Restrictor Removed


132 Main

Stock 42 Pilot

Power Up Needle Jet

Just got bike and rode fine once warm but a bit rough starting. All new fluids. Removed airbox restrictor and exhaust restrictor was already out. Completely took apart Carb, checked for grit, thorough cleaning. Inserted new Main and Needle jet but left stock Pilot. Put everything together, checked fuel screw and noticed it was all the way in. Turned back 1.5 turns and turned on fuel. Fuel began to flow thru overflow tube at bottom of float. Turned screw in and stopped flow. Started bike with screw in and advanced idle, backed out screw till overflow spill again and screwed in to make sure it was clear. Bike will not remain started unless throttled regarless if warm. Took float aprt to make sure it was all put together correctly. Same thing post refit. Turned off bike. Got beer. Wrote you. Here I sit. Any ideas? Thanks, CSM

Something is probably blocking the float from sealing. You may want to take the bowl off to see if something is not allowing the float to float. I once had a piece of grass on the bowl that made it so fuel continued to flow.

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