Fuel Spill in overflow post power up mod


2007 Honda CRF230F

205lb Rider

Sea Level 50 Degree day in Seattle

Air Box Removed

Exhaust Restrictor Removed


132 Main

Stock 42 Pilot

Power Up Needle Jet

Just got bike and rode fine once warm but a bit rough starting. All new fluids. Removed airbox restrictor and exhaust restrictor was already out. Completely took apart Carb, checked for grit, thorough cleaning. Inserted new Main and Needle jet but left stock Pilot. Put everything together, checked fuel screw and noticed it was all the way in. Turned back 1.5 turns and turned on fuel. Fuel began to flow thru overflow tube at bottom of float. Turned screw in and stopped flow. Started bike with screw in and advanced idle, backed out screw till overflow spill again and screwed in to make sure it was clear. Bike will not remain started unless throttled regarless if warm. Took float aprt to make sure it was all put together correctly. Same thing post refit. Turned off bike. Got beer. Wrote you. Here I sit. Any ideas? Thanks, CSM

were you turning the fuel screw or the carb drain screw?

the fuel screw is on the bottom of the carb, kinda a pain to get to with the carb on the bike

the drain screw is on the side of the carb.

there is no way the bike would run before if the fuel screw was fully seated.

yah you probably unscrewed the drain screw.

Take a look at the pictures at the bottom of this link. http://rickramsey.net/CRF230Fcarb.htm

Now, which screw are you turning that is causing the fuel to spill?

Holy Crap. I read thru every bit of info and miss the big one labeled fuel screw vs. relief screw. OK, Honda gets the award for putting together a really poor user friendly carb design. Thanks guys. Now if only I can get to the fuel screw.... Looks like a MSR Fuel Knob is the ticket now that I know what a pain it is to get to...... kind of like the needle clip.

I have an 06 and replaced my D shaped fuel screw with one from Kouba.

Getting to it not too bad. Loosen the carb clamps and remove the carb by twisting it to access the bottom side. Getting the old fuel screw out is the biggest challange.

the carb is very user friendly. I even knew how to drain the carb and change the idle and I dont know crap about carbs.

Ah... A carb is a carb too me. Hate em' all!! The fuel screw is definetly a trick to get at for quick adjustments with a red hot pipe next to your hand...


Yah I got burned by my pipe before. the second worst pain of my life.

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