harescramble questions....

i dont know if any of the info varies from district to district so im in D-23. but this is going to be my first year so I have a couple Q's. First off, Ive seen videos of dead engine starts. Are they all this way? second, how many people start at once? AND finally if you had $100 to spend, what would you buy if you were to do HS's.


Yes, almost all h/s are dead engine starts. And practice them too. A lot. It's very different than just starting up your bike, especially when the flag waves.

Normally, 1 class goes per minute or two. Sometimes the classes can be as small as 10 to as big as 50. Yes, it's happened in my class (4 stroke C) before.

As for $100 to spend, bark busters without hesitation. Either that or a few broken fingers when you get throttle happy and slam into a tree... :confused:

I've done Hare Scrambles where it was dead engine, live engine, 2 at a time, 4 at a time and entire class at a time starts. Every time it's different.

I've only done one Hare & Hound and it was dead engine and everyone started at the same time. WHAT A RUSH!!!

$100 is not much but it will buy you some protection like mentioned above (hand guards) and a pair off goggles with a roll-off system. I don't like to litter the countryside with tear-offs.

Barkbusters and a Skidplate are necessities. After that make sure you have money for fresh knobbies and all the inevitable parts you will destroy.:confused:

ok i should have clarified: I have a skid plate, barkbusters, front disc guard, rear sharkfin. I was thinking about tearoffs but would rolloffs be better?


Good goggles and gloves!! 70 mins is a long time to go without vision and bleeding hands!! lol Been there, done that, learned my lesson.

alright, I have good gear with spare gloves. Should I maybe get a fuel screw, roll offs and then just save the rest of the crfs only gift card for knobbies or other items that need to be replaced?

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