atl riding spots?

Im going to ga this friday an playing at Durham town for friday wondering if anyone has any good spots near atlanta thats where i will be for saturday an sunday



Durhamtown is great, but you know its a couple hours from Atlanta right? Highland park is another good place (I haven't been there yet) in the opposite direction. I've been to a couple really fun places in the North Georgia mountains. Check out for the full list of Ga riding areas.

I know about all of the "legal" trails. none of which are really near atlanta at all. I want to know where trails are with in an hour of atlanta. I dont really care if they are considered "legal" or not because what kind of cop can catch you if you are on a dirtbike in the woods? plus they have to give you a criminal trespassing warning before you can really get in trouble. someone has to know of something...

There is a place called little river in canton georgia, but its always muddy as hell and somewhat difficult to get to.

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