Aftermarket front Rotor...

I'm buying an 05 525 exc and the guy changed the front rotor to an aftermarket rotor and hence the odometer is not hooked up now. He said he chucked the old rotor with the magnet in it. What can I do to get the computer working again?

Rare earth magnet from radio shack and some JB Weld might work for you!

does this bike have the handle bar switch? (3 button) some don't... The computer should come on if you tap one of the buttons (just to verify that it functions) - if its wired to the "optional fan plug" or another power source it will light up orange. If it doesn't then it is running only off a large replaceable "watch type" battery, (common), and should display readings without Orange background (grey/black).

just some more info on that puter.

So would I have to drill a hole in the after market rotor?

So would I have to drill a hole in the after market rotor?

aftermarket like what?

Most aftermarket co's make parts for the bike- it should have the hole- look for it. depending on the type of rotor it is it might have cut outs and one of the cutt outs will have a hole cut out at the end- that's where it goes. You should have a pick up wire connected to you calliper- move your eyes around the circumferance of the rotor from where that wire is - it should be there-

If its really not there- tell us what namebrand it is and then yes you may have to drill a hole.

this pic looks like my rotor:


on this pic, it shows the hole at 6 oclock


OK, I'll have to look at the rotor. Thanks for your help!

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