white Brothers MX4 exhaust repair?

Hi all, I just thought I would ask here. I just got a WB MX4 exhaust from a friend and the mounting point on the canister is loose. The bolt is tight, and when I took it apart the two pieces that sandwich the can slide together tightly, I am guessing the canister is slightly worn resulting in slop. Has any one else had this problem? How did you fix it? It looks like some sort of a spacer would work but I am uncertain of what to use.

Any input would be great! Thanks a lot

Any pics of the probelm that will help...

If you are talking about the bracket on top then mine is like that too. I took the can apart yesterday to repack it and would like to get that bracket tighter. I think mine is loose because when I took it apart, almost ALL the packing was gone! lol

I talked to white brothers and they said when the packing starts to deteriorate it loosens up the bracket. Mine wasn't missing all that much but I am thinking some sort of a gasket might work to take up the play, maybe make one out of a sheet of gasket material. I will post a picture of it in a few hours.

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