CRF250r questions, no problems, simple questions

i recently sent out my head to mx time and getting the seats cut and hoping it come back right.

now my bike is continuously maintained by me and so far the only thing that went are my valves around 50 hours, give or take. its a 2004 and i noticed sooo many people have problems with them. i dont get it, is it a simple lack of maintenance?

and i am going from engine ice back to honda racing coolant? is that bad in some way?

and my last question, how long will my valves last if i got the seats cut and got faction intake valves.

The new faction MX stainless valves (make sure you get the intake kit) should last quite a bit longer than the stock Ti if you get the seats cut. And if you keep of on maintenance, ie. not letting any dirt get past the airfilter.

I would also replace the piston at the same time. JE 13.5:1 pistons are $150 at the TT store. Good boost of power and they work well with 91+ octane pump gas.

No problem with the Honda Racing coolant.

yea i got that kit. im sponsered by them and i got it half off! only 87 bucks for a 175.00 kit

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