08 200xc Engine Locked Up!!!!!!

I raced the georgia gncc and my bike worked flawlessly(got 13th in sportsman). Got home,washed bike,new filter,lubed and changed fluids-took it for a spin and everything was ok.Yesterday and today when I went to start it-it seemed like it was locked up.When I stepped on the kicker,it was solid.So,I put it in gear and rocked back and forth.Fired right up both days when I rocked it in gear,then kicked it.I started thinking I froze up a crank bearing or broke a clutch plate or something.The only mechanical thing I changed on the bike was the ckutch basket to a rekluse basket.I took the basket all apart tonight and reassembled the clutch.It seems to be fine now-I think Im might not have torqued the inner hub right or something.If anybody ever had something happen like this let me know.I am a little spooked right now:eek:

did you take off just the round clutch cover or the whole right side case? The kickstart pawls have had issues on some KTM's thru the years. If you took off the side case maybe it didnt get back right in that area. Cant think of a reason the clutch would cause it especially since you took it back apart.

I believe Mike is right, there have been problems in the past with the kickstarter paw on the KTM 125/200. It's worth a shot to pull the inner clutch cover and check everything out.

Since I pulled it all apart and retorqued everything, it has been ok.I am hoping it was merely coincidental that when I shut it off,the ring gear would sit cocked and "bind" when kicked. When I put it in gear and rocked it, the basket ring gear would line up. I am certain now, that when I had originally tightened the inner hub nut, I didn't tighten it properly or the basket was snagged on something. When I tightened it the second time, the threads were about a half turn tighter and the retainer was at a different location on the nut.I was only loose by a couple thousandths of an inch,but enough to bind the gears.Once the bike was started and running,the gears were all in sync with one another-probably why I didn't notice anything at the gncc-I only started my bike 4 times while I was there. I think this goes to show how tight the tolerances are on the parts.This bike is made really well.I just had my yamaha apart to remove the basket and it has play in the ring gear to the other gears-it also has alot more hours though.

I didn't fix the problem!!! started it up today and it was jammedd-it stick right at the beginning of the kick-I rock the bike in gear back and forth and it kicks fine.How do I check the kicker paw?got a part number or something I have searched with not much luck.I got 6-8 hours onthe bike and this scares me-I am going to the gnnc this weekend and don't want to damage it.I will be taking it to a mechanic if I can't come up with something.

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