Need a jetting guru in Utah for WR450F/Moose Jet Kit or a different kit

Hi all,

I have a '04 Yamaha WR450F and a Moose Jet kit in Orem Utah 25 miles south of Salt Lake City. I have messed around with the main jet trying the 132, 134, 136, & 138 mains to dial it in but I cannot seem to find the sweet spot. The 136 is probably the best but I am fairly certain that the pilot circuit is a problem also and I am guessing that the two circuits are interfering with each other around mid throttle. (FYI I am around 4700' in elevation)

Bottom line... I need to find someone who can really dial this in and I am looking for recommendations.

I have also wondered if there is a better jetting kit out there that isn't so problematic that even a neophite like me can dial in?


JD jetting kit.

the moose kit a repackaged dynojet kit.the needle has too much taper.

You need to understand where each circuit functions and the effect one circuit has on the next. As you transition from one to another, the previous circuits effect diminishes the farther you move away. James Dean kits are the thing to get.


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