Anyone tried this out yet?

to me it seems like a waste..for 100$ you can do A LOT more to your bike other than a little wing..u could probably fab. one up easily just use a razor blade?

The Power Now works best on bikes with over-sized carbs, like the CRF250R or the KTM 125SX. It won't do diddly for the CRF150F or the CRF230F, they already have small carb venturis for better low-end torque.

that sounds like crap.

Dont get it, it does boost perfrmance, but its not that dramatic and for 100 dollars you are NOT getting your moneys worth.

Also someone said this on this forum that made alot of sense...

If in fact that little "wing" made all sorts of power gains, then the factory would put it on stock.

The reality is our little carbs already have a "power now" already installed!

When the carb is in its running position, the choke flap in essence works in the same fashion as a "power now". Take a look at how your choke works and you'll see what I'm talking about. I wouldn't be surprosed if the guy who markets them got his idea from this kind of carb!

Good luck and ride safely

coeshow --> yea, your right. i took the 100 bills and got a Moose clutch perch with shorty lever, new Moose lever for the brake and still had enuff left over to get Moose handguards. Man, I love getting a discount at Outlanders in VA. The people there are the greatest.

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