What are the best magazines that cover dualsport rides in USA?

We are planning to expand our tours to dualsport with KTM640's and BMW 650's and 1200's, and wanted to see what magazines are there that covers dualsport.

I wonder what magazine could be more informative than TT and Advrider :confused: And a couple other sites?

...dualsport with KTM640's and BMW 650's and 1200's, and wanted to see what magazines are there that covers dualsport.

The March issue of www.backroadsusa.com was devoted entirely to dual sport & adventure riding. :excuseme:

Although it's not a national magazine, it does cover the population-dense NorthEast. All the moto-riding, high disposable-income folks around here read Backroads. BTW, the editors, Brian & Shira, ride a R1150GS & KLR650 (his) & a KLR250 (hers). Very kewl cats.:confused:

Best, Magile

PS - no affiliation, just a happy reader.:excuseme:

I'm guessing he wants to know where to advertise. Might try Roadrunner also. They always have a group of DS tours/rentals in the back.

Wow, motoventures!

You offer a nice variety of tours.

The "Dirt Rides for Streetriders" looks enticing.

I don't have the dirt skills to chance a knarely ride in Costa Rica (I can get hurt easily enough offroading here in the US).

But, a more tame offroad in the Paradise of Costa Rica sounds perfect!

We will keep you in mind for the future.


...besides http://www.roadrunner.travel/ , there's http://www.trailrider.com/ :excuseme:

Costa Rica in the "dry season" is the perfect winter get-away for NorthEast moto-heads trapped indoors. I'd compare it to Hawaii, but it's only a 5 hour flight from NYC, and they speak Spanish. The locals were always friendly. Can't wait to get back.:confused:

- Magile

PS - In a week of riding I only had one bug on my goggles. :excuseme:


We will soon have a bunch of 640's for sale if you are interested. We have 11 450EXC's currently and will add the new KTM 690 Enduros for dual sport rides. Next year, KTM 950/990 Adventures.


I spent ten days last December white-water kayaking in Costa Rica and had a fantastic time ! What a great place, I could only imagine a two week trip involving bike riding and whitewater. :confused:

Beautiful women, friendly people, good food and surprisingly little if any bugs.

Where is the best riding in CR ? You do take you life in your own hands while on any main highway...

Like almost everywhere else in the world, highways suck, but are at times a necessary evil.

Whichever bike rental/tour operator you go with can advise you of the best roads, destinatations, etc. for the type of adventure you are looking for.

Where is the best riding in CR ? You do take you life in your own hands while on any main highway...
I agree with Janet from Joisey above; your tour operator is key.

I completed a five-day "Jungle Challenge" in Costa Rica a couple of years ago http://www.dirtwheelsmag.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=3545DA3E0FDF4C6497ABB23D2AE530C8 , several hundred miles. North from the capital, San Jose, to Monte Verde (through rain forest and cloud forest), west over several volcanic ranges to the Pacific coast, down the Pacific coast to the idyllic resort of Tambor, then back east to San Jose.

Outside San Jose, with its Interstate-like "super-highways" (for Latin America), you'll find every kind of track--single-track jungle trails, one-lane mountain roads, graded gravel and sand roads; miles and miles without a heap of pavement.

Dual-sport motorcycles, cowboys driving herds on horseback, busses, milk trucks, even mountain bikes are encountered in the "bush," but--traffic's generally few and fur between (again, away from main arteries like the Pan American Highway).

Your outfitter, or tour guide, can recommend the best route and advise on road and traffic conditions for your own trip; don't think you can go wrong by booking a ride in Costa Rica!

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