Where can I get a longer kickstand for CRF150F?

OK, I put a BBR triple tree on and then the BBR linkage on to raise the bike up a bit. It fit's my 6 foot frame better but I hate the kickstand now. If you don't have it set up just right, it falls over because it's not long enuff.

What can I do? or do I just have to live with it. I don't have welder so putting an extension on it isn't for me...

Check out my garage and you'll see a picture of it leaning big time.

Ok I havent tried this but ck ebay for a 230 kickstand......and see if its longer or if u want I will go measure my wifes 230 stand for you ..........Brent

if you could measure it and post the length from the pivot point...that would be so cool!

thanking you advance for your desire to help me...

the length of mine is a little over 11 1/2 inches

Someone had their head up their a$$ when they designed the kickstand anyway. It sits way too vertical and is too short even on a stock bike.

Time to cut the thing up and weld up something useful.

Tony Rumore

Tromix Corp


From center of pivot (mounting bolt) to the tip it is 14", hope this helps........Brent

I do agree with Honda's kickstand I also wish they would come up and tuck under a lil farther....like my KTM kickstand, but then they probably wont be ridden like the KTM either, IMO I would search ebay for a cheap solution it the 14" stand will work.............Brent

i think the xr400 kickstand is longer and a direct bolt on...but i am sure somebody can confirm for sure, in fact i believe it was coeshow that said it.

edit...oops i was thinking that this was for a 230, so maybe the xr400 kickstand may not be the best option

the 230 kickstand should work okay since it is 14" and stock 150 is 11 1/2".

When I installed the XR250 forks and made the rear suspension changes to match I also quickly learned that the kickstand was too short. The XR400 stand did the trick! I then installed the 230 stand onto my 150 forthe same reason. Worked perfect again!

Good luck and ride safely.

its an easy fix and wont cost jack.....i have a piece of alum tubing thats heavy enough to hold the bike up without a prob,,,,,its id is just larger than the od of the kick stand......cut the stand inbetween where the spring hooks and the end''''''''slide the alum tube over both extend it where you want it and drill a hole on each side with a ss bolt and aircraft nut..and your done....looks good too..because the stand below the spring is alum and all you see on the bottom is the black base part barely sticking out that meets the ground,,,and you can change the length if need be....by drilling extra holes in the inner steel stand where you cant see them.

thanx to all. i'll probably go with the 230 kickstand.

thanx to all. i'll probably go with the 230 kickstand.

yah that should work perfectly.

We took kickstands off my 230 and the kids old 150 and when Tyler put them back on he swapped them on accident. The 230 was a serious leaner and the 150 was really to vertical, a breeze could have knocked it over.

i've notice this too

my stock 150 leans over a lot with the stock kickstand

did you raise your bike at all.

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