My Winter Project (actually Spring now) Part II

Well, the cr is finished for now. I am getting some radiator guards, but other than a bit more break-in, I'm finished.

So, it's time to start on the WR. This will be a much less intensive project, but none the less, my next project. Here's the list of too do's:

- Full on cleaning (didn't get cleaned after the last ride do to a broken ankle)

- Fork cleaning (full disassembly)

- New spark plug

- New air filter

- Oil change

- Washer thing by the front sprocket that is bent

- New radiator guards

- New aluminum handle bars

- If I have time, and decide to brave it, check the valve clearances

- Various other items as identified

Anyway, here's a few pictures as it stands now. Just got it ready for the cleaning tomorrow. Hope to have most of it done by the end of the weekend.




Couple more:



Looks like a fun project.

I see that the ol Miller is helping ya get her done too :confused:

Here I am me the magic! :confused: Still can't wait to see the CR! Hope everything goes according to plan on the WR!

Thanks guys! I find that two things help out with these projects.

1 - Taking pictures and posting them. This way, I get to talk about it with nice folks like you, but also get to see the progress myself, as well as have a detailed timeline on how long it is taking me. Just in case I start slacking! :confused:

2 - Ol Miller Lite. There's just some thing satisfying about having a beer while doing a manual labor project. Being a desk jockey all day makes working with your hands and a physical project all the more satisfying.

More to come, hopefully tonight!

Had an appointment I almost forgot about yesterday, so I didn't get any work in, but got some progress today.

Here's some before cleaning:



Some after:





Here's how I left it for the day:




Finally, the project for tomorrow:


Didn't get to the forks today. The Flatlander radiator guards and handle bars came in so I worked on those. I also got the airbox cleaned out, airfilter cleaned and lubed, and a new spark plug put in. Here's a few pictures.





And a few more:




that thing is fresh

I bet your valves are factory tight.

The paint isnt even worn off the frame

that thing is fresh

I bet your valves are factory tight.

The paint isnt even worn off the frame

Yeah, I'm debating on whether or not I should check them (never done it before). I got it last summer off a guy that bought it to ride with his son's but they lost there riding sport shortly after getting bikes. Only had a 120 miles on it and has less than 700 miles on it now.

With a trip to our friends house for Easter, I got a ton of stuff done and except for a possible new jet, the wr is ready for action! Here's what I did today.

- Pulled apart the forks, cleaned and reassembled

- Cleaned and lubed the front tire/rim

- Installed the front end

- Installed a new 13t front sprocket

- Cleaned the chain

- Cleaned and lubed the rear tire/rim

- Changed the oil

Here's a few pictures, didn't take many today. Just wanted to get it done!





Here's a final picture of both the boy ready to rock! Just waiting on some warm weather, the ground to thaw and the mud to dry up... :confused:


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