What do you need to have to race an Toyota arenacross (i think thats what its called)? I have heard you need to race here before getting pro licensce.

I think you need a pro licensce to race this event. try contacting the AMA or try to find there website. Good Luck

ok thanks.

u racin on ur crf 100

They have amateur days on Sundays after the Friday and Saturday shows that anyone can race, and the pro nights anyone can race as well (A riders , of course). If you score enough points in arenacross you can get your pro license, so therefore, no pro license of any type is needed. Just an AMA membership. I raced a couple pro arenacross races last year. It's just insane racing, made night program but no way was I fast enough to make it to a main. Those guys in arenacross are nuts, and the track gives you no room for mistakes!

You do not need a pro license to race arenacross. I have 3 good friends that race them one has a pro license other 2 do not. But all I can say is you best be good enough its not your average A class race. Alot of guys will actually use arencross points to get pro points for there license.

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