What can I expect to pay

For a used DR-Z 400, dual sport?

Gas prices are killing me and, let's face it, I just love to ride, so I have decided it's time to go the enduro/dual sport route.

Any years to stay away from? Any advice? Anyone have one for sale :confused:?

Better suspension on the 02 and newer. Other than that it's just bng, except different attempts to make a decent acct....none successful so one of the first mods is usually a manual cam chain tensioner.

Minimal changes have been made year over year. This makes it better to select one based on the usual things like condition, care it has been given and possibly mileage, rather than by model year alone.

For less used bikes you might want to look in areas where they are stored away during the winter months.

I shopped for a few months, seems like $2500- $3500 is the going rate depending on year and condition. I just paid $1950 for an 02 S, but it needs tires and a battery- all said and done it will cost just under $2500.

Seems like there are some pretty good deals out there right now. Good luck.

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