2009 Ktm 350?

Anybody heard of KTM making a 350 fourstroke next year?

I reckon. They are also soon to go to linkage* and I think aluminum. It was in a TWMX mag.

KTM's dont have linkage's to begin with.....

I heard from KTM employees that the aluminum frames were a test that failed. KTM is commited to the Chromemoly frame. The MXers might see linkage but the Offroad bikes probably will not. I hope KTM keeps the PDS as it works perfect and as well as linkage if you know how to setup. Linkage is a bit more forgiving for bad spring rates and too much preload. KTM is working on the 350 but may not come out till 2010. BUT, you can have a 350 now with a HT Racing kit. They are wickedly fast and nicely torquey with 250 lightness.


KTM's dont have linkage's to begin with.....

That's what I meant, sorry haha.

Old thread but... I test rode some factory demo KTMs today and the KTM rep told me that the 2009 line up will include an 400EXC WHICH... will be a 350cc (347 I think he said?) Weird but still cool.

Man KTM must have some weird marketing department (the 520,525 and 530 are all 510cc for the few that may not know that)

It says the 400 is 393.4cc on their website.

It says the 400 is 393.4cc on their website.

And it will be a bored down version of the 450 rather than a big bore version of the 250 that we would prefer.

On ktmparts.com they are saying its a 354cc

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