WR vs YZ suspension

I don't know a ton about bike suspensions but somebody says it takes $500 to get the WR suspension like the YZ's, but the yamaha sit says same travel and # of adjustment clicks on both bike so I was just wondering what would take $500. Thanks for any help, because I am thinking about getting a YZ then putting a stator and lights on it, for the YZ suspension.

Suspension revalve and springs probably would cost about that.

Consider all the other factors though-

WR trans


o-ring chain/steel sprocket in rear

tank/seat (not the best on the WR)

18 vs 19 inch wheel


exhaust (again, not the best on the WR)


YZ has aluminum subframe

Coolant overflow reservoir

WR requires time to get the YZ carb and cam spec.

It's a mixed bag to sort out.

Either bike can be made like the other, but the transmission gearing is the biggest factor that is hard to switch.

Are WRs and YZ having problems fouling Plugs I live at about only 2-3hundred ft above sea level in western WA do you think I would have this problem, but I'm coming off of a 300ex so tyhe WR suspension would probably be good for me for quite a whiole until I started getting bigger air.

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My 2001 WR suspension is way ahead of my old 99's before I gave it the race tech treatment. No work needed on my 2001 for my 190lb riding weight.

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