coolest riding pants

looking for some recommendations for well vented riding pants, preferably regular looking, not really racey, fancy looking. Any ideas?

moose sahara are supposed to be like the best ventlated.

thor core pants. they have simple colors all the way to crazy stuff but super comfortable. I have a pair and they are great. The liner is a meshy kinda gym shorts feel which keeps you cool for sure.

they both look good thanks any others?

moose sahara are supposed to be like the best ventlated.

Moose Sahara gear is great in hot weather, both the pants and the jersey. :confused:

Yup, Moose Sahara are really nice. I bought a pair before I went to Moab, UT last year, they were really, really nice. Very happy with these.

I like the looks of both but Im afraid I'll be doing the same thing I did last time. I bought Fox 360 "vented" pant and tossed them asside for jeans every time I rode except when I went to the track. One thing is for sure, they did NOT feel vented!

answer alpha

i like my msr max air

Moose Sahara for me (pants, jersey gloves).

i have answer alhpa air and i love them:thumbsup:... super confy and very breezy

also get some of the spandex riding undershorts and those will for sure help keep you cool and dry

Anyone try Klim stuff?

ive seen like 2 people with that klim stuff? What really helps with cooling is the under armor compression long pants. They keep you cool in summer and keep heat in winter. Im not sure how it works but it definitely was keeping sweat close giving a cooling effect. Its definitely a great and fairly cheap addition. basically any spandex pants

Not sure on the pants. But I wore some UnderAmor HeatGear Briefs to the gym yesterday. Oh my God! They were comfortable! Definitely kept me much cool, no idea how it works.

Fox Airline gear is very ventilated.

Decisions decisions!!!

moose sahara

Klim mojave

Thor AC

Answer alpha air

MSR Max Air

Troy Lee Air

just read a good review by the site owner of the Klims. leaning toward those. I also want them to be flexible as well as cool

thor ac

designed to be really vented!

The first time I wore thor AC gear I thought I wasn't wearing pants. I have never had pants that let that much air through before. They are very nice!

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