The 650R wont stop flooding!!!

Well i learned early on the pig cant handle being dropped because it floods needs time to sit after the crash or drop.

So recently i was riding along....and my insurence card flew out of my jacket pocket:censored: ...i went back and searched for the card and finally found it. So i tried to put the kickstand down on the road....but it doesnt work because of my 17" wheels....(only when i can put kickstand on a downhill grade)

Anyway i proceded to lean the bar on a tree just off the the bike was leaned over maby 25-30 degree's....i lean my CRF450R over this far every time i rest it on something!!!

After sitting there for 20 seconds it wouldnt start:foul: sweet...i kicked 15 or 20 times and finally gave up and just enjoyed the view for 3-4 minites...then finally it started right up.

So what can i do about this problem? I dont think it has anything to do with jetting? My 450R has almost the same carb on it (41mm flatslide kiehin) and i never have this problem:excuseme:

Haven't had the pleasure of flooding mine yet, but you might be able to give the ol' "pull the decomp lever, hold wide open, no choke, ignition cut, kick several times through to clear the cylinder" trick to get it going. :confused:

you could always clean out your carb. it may be gunked up

Adjust your float level, just a little not much 1/8" lower this might help shut the needle and seat .

A little more angle may result as it will shut off fuel flow sooner .

I may be streching my amagination with this thery.So be for warned.

Race start. Find TDC, open the throttle all the way, kick it like you mean it.

Haven't had the pleasure of flooding mine yet, but you might be able to give the ol' "pull the decomp lever, hold wide open, no choke, ignition cut, kick several times through to clear the cylinder" trick to get it going. :confused:


(1)kill the power, (2)pull the decompression lever, (3)hold throttle WO, (4)kick through 10-15X (shouldn't even break a sweat), (5)power on, no decompression lever, throttle fully closed, and one nice mellow kick will light her right up

I have short legs and ride this bike in loose sand a I know this technique works like a champ until you get a different carb....

As previously stated, do the 'flooded re-start' clearing and starting of the engine.

- check float height

- replace float needle!

- turn fuel off when stopping bike and leaning

Lean the bike over and see how far it takes for the fuel to come out the overflow,it should be about on the ground before it does with this bike.Also check your valves,mine likes to do this when they are slightly tight.

Thats weird I dont have that problem at all. Have laid mine down on more than one occasion. The only thing that 100% will not work is just trying to kickstart her back up immediately after.

1. Push kill switch while:

2. Pulling decomp lever

3. Throttle full open

4. Kick 5-6 times all the way through

5. Get back to TDC

6. Pull decomp and push kick just a hair past TDC

7. Kick and she fires (NO throttle)

Works for me everytime, I have no problem in soft sandy areas laying her down when I need a break or am somewhere scenic and want a picture and the ground is too soft for the kickstand to hold her up.

The XR650R comes with the float set up to just about fill the float bowl to the point of flooding. It cannot take a lot of angle before it starts back flowing. Lower the float so it shuts off earlier. I actually took my carb out before I went to an pumper carb. I attached a fuel line, which was hooked to an external fuel source and started leaning the carb back. It almost immediately started back flowing out of the carb. I kept lowering the float until it only back flowed at a severe angle. The reason I did this is when riding in the woods on steep inclines the bike would start flooding while it was running. Once on the flat it would run normal. I talked to a fellow who raced for Honda and he told me to drop it 2mm. Never had the problem again after doing this.

wow awsome guys....

1. Valves proble do need to be ill do that next oil change.

2. The float level proble has a lot to do with it, it will start pissing gas before it's down all the way:prof:

3. I never relized holding the throttle open all the way could help....i just thought that would feed more gas and make it worse:excuseme:

Im giving gas to all of ya:thumbsup: :confused::excuseme: gota love this site.

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