Trail Tech Endurance

I just ordered a trail tech endurance speedometer for my xr650r and was if i made a smart purchase. I also ordered the protective cover for it.

Any tips would be great

heard those are good, but......the vapor is alot nicer with more options on it.but for those that just want a speedo and a clock its good choice, which i'm sure is you,am i right?

Don't hit it with a pressure washer, they kind of crap out after you do that....

I always remove mine if it's been wet to dry out the contacts . The oversized rotor i have makes it reads double because of the angle of the pickup sensor. I simply put in a wheel size # half of true size.

The billet dashboard have been know to transfer the engine vibration to the computer and kill it. If thats what you got you may want to try rubber mounting it in some fashion if you can. I had 2 of these units die on me, but they were both covered under warranty.

Thanx for the help

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