$$$ Going Moto?

i have desided to go super moto on my drz400s... people told me to sell the bike and get a supermoto.. but i got way to much money in mods done.... i soo i am going to buy just only the rims and tires.... if new what would they run me? and what about a good second hand set run me? if you know just throw some prices in ... thanks

I have a bolt on wheel set for your bike 4 sale in the classifieds. All you need is time and a few tools. Take a look at my ad.

You might find a used set on ebay for 8-900 USD. You will also need a SM speedo drive so that your odometer and speedo stay accurate. Those go for 30-40 on ebay. A new set of wheels will probably run at least1200-1300.

If going new, you would need tires, rims, hubs, spokes, bearings, sprocket, oversized rotors, bracket for mounting your caliper, and speedo drive.$$$$$$$$

I wouldn't disassemble your dirt wheels to make sm ones you will end up regretting it, if your going sm buy a second hand set off ebay or similar they are really cheap compared to the prices of new ones.

I have wheels, tires, tubes, speedo drive, fender and front and rear stock S model brake disks. One a Moose and one an OEM. Look in the classifieds. All top quality stuff like new.

have a nearly complete hooligan mod take over what my lazy ass machinist never got around to.its in the classifieds also.

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