Chest Protectors... and gloves

What kind should I get? Are any decisevly better or not really? I realized I pretty much have outgrown all my gear and need all new stuff, just in case you were wondering why Ive made all these gear posts. thanks

also need some gloves, I like these Klim ones, does anyone use any klim stuff around here?

I'd run that new Fox protector in a heartbeat if I didn't wear a Leatt. I run Fox Airline gloves.

I know I want a plastic style one but really slim and flexible too.

i like the Thor Sentinel

and for gloves i run Oneal because there a sponsor, but i like their products sponsor or not....lasts a long time, looks good, up-to-date....

Hands down Evs Flux Chest protector is the best in my book, works great with a leatt brace. I wear answer gloves i like how thin they are and they hold up pretty well.

any others to check on?

I just bought a Thor Impact Rig. I got it because last year I hit my shoulder really bad and my chest protector did nothing for me, front and back protection. The Impact Rig has shoulder pads in addition to front and back protection and it feels really comfortable.

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