for those using helmet cams

ordered my motocomm helmat cam package and had a question. if i'm on the track i know its smother to mount on helmet right? and what about when i use it on the street,can i mount on my handlebar or would that still be to much vibrating around or not?rather mount on handlebar when street riding if i can, what do you all think,thanx. and for those with the motocomm what do you think f it so far?

Mounted on helmet will be smoother looking video. You really have to concentrate on not moving your head around to get the best video.

As far as where to mount it? Try everywhere! I bought a ton of different mounts, most of them came from Viosport and

Experiment! Try it on the handlebars looking down the fork, on the fork looking forward or looking back at you leg, looking backwards, on the bars looking up at you...edit it all together, the possibilities are endless.

I'll have some video to post later...I've had a helmet cam for three years, but only just got a bike a couple of months ago. I've shot mountain biking, surfing and flyfishing with my setup, I'm going to add motorcycling in the near future.

If you mount it on the bike, the video will be "messed up".

Your helmet always stays pretty much level with the horizon. When you carve aruond a corner, you angle your head so that it is level with the horizon.

If you mount the camera to the bike and lean into a turn, the camera will lean with the bike but since the video you view is always "up and down" on the screen. Hard to explain. Try this, in your camcorder viewfinder, it is probably wider than it is tall. So film someone from up close. Turn the camcorder on its side so that you can get closer and still get them in the frame. Now watch that video in the TV. The person is sideways.

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