Chadwick - trail conditions

Any word on how the trails will weather the current flooding?

Just got back from there tonite. It will be several days before they dry out I think but it was my first time there so I am no expert. We tried a couple of black diamonds and the conditions made them double black diamonds. Being the closet tree hugger that I am we decided not to add to any more erosion and stayed off the blacks. It was raining the whole time and we saw lots of flooding in the area and were a little concerned about getting caught by a flash flood in a gully.

Wow.. Just saw this also on our local news... 4-6 inches just today around Branson... 9 inches in areas south of Chadwick.... Get out safe while you still can..... We got 5 inches last summer in around 3 hrs... It changed the whole landscape of our creek and gullies around our property...

Glad you and hopefully others made it out safely....


Thanks for your concern Nick. We are high and dry in OKC now. That was the wettest I have ever started and finished a ride but we were determined to see some of Chadwick. We didnt do but about 17 miles but it looks like a great place. here are a couple of pics from the ride. You can see big ole raindrops falling in some of the pics.




last time we were down...December...4 inches of rain made for muddy trails...Chadwick never gets muddy. It was the first time I can ever remember describing Chadwick with the word "muddy"...can only imagine what 10 inches has done.

For those of you in the neighborhood, please keep us advised...

were the showers opened up yet?

were the showers opened up yet?

The showers are open year round.

I spoke to one the rangers this afternoon... He stated that a few sections of 125 between Rodgersville and Sparta are flooded, but could clear as it has quit raining. He also said the roads through Ozark are ok.

I will be headed to Chadwick tomorrow. If anyone wants to hook up for a ride, I will be camping in site GP1. Gotta love the new reservation system.

what is the new reservation system. I have not heard about that.

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