Check out my WR426...Flattracker!!!

why R6 forks and not lowered upside down forks?

The R6 or CBR front ends are center mount axle, where the axle is directly inline with the fork tubes. This changes the way the bike handles completely. Leading axle forks do work fairly well, I have 2 sets on both my dirttrackers, I have no complaints on groove tracks, but the loam or peastone tracks are alot easier to go fast with a center mounted axle, tracks where your sliding in and still sliding when you start giving her throttle again.

Well here's my other toy just about finished. This bike too started as a WR, and ended up a YZ with only the WR 1st and 2nd gears. I guess that makes it a YR250F right? Nothing too special with it, I made a free air intake for it with parts I had around and surprisingly it actually seems to make a difference. I'm waiting to find larger I.D. elbow to mount up to the carb and filter. This bike will most likely be my main T.T. race bike also.





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