drz400sm installed a edge tail light an now it doesnt work??

:confused: today i put on the edge tail light an there is no power?? everything else works but the tail light??its all hooked up right but no luck.. anyone kno the wiring?? thanks everyone

switch wires till both the brake, and running light are working. its not hooked up right if its not working.

switch wires till both the brake, and running light are working. its not hooked up right if its not working.

+1. can't be right if it isn't working

ya i tryed that..is there a fuse??? at least i got to take it out for a little ripp.. its my first time on it. i just bought it! super pumped.

It's the wires.........

..is there a fuse???

Yes, just the one, by the battery.

Neil. :confused::excuseme: :excuseme:

:confused: ya it was the fuse thanks everyone

Hey Guys -

I'm a noobie . .please don't flame me. I just got an 08 drz400sm (white). I'm looking to mod the heck out of it and this website is awesome . .

the tail light is one of the first I want to do (the stock unit is very goofy). Does the edge tail light have directionals? Also, can anyone tell me how to flush mount the plate?



The Edge doesn't have integrated signals if that's what you're asking. (DRC offers led signals as well). It comes w/ blinker brackets. It comes w/ an aluminum plate bracket, but the holes don't line up w/ our plates. You have to make your own bracket to fit. It's not difficult at all. Some aluminum flat stock, a few bolts, a little time and you're done. Some people use integrated tail lights designed for sportbikes and custom fit it to the DRZ if that's what you want to do.

I also have a edge tailight problem, it's been on there for over 6 months with no problems.. But I'm guessing it's either a wiring problem or a switch problem. I get on my DRZ today to ride it to work and I notice that the brake light is on without the brakes being applied. I can hear the front switch acuating when I squeeze the lever so I suspect the rear switch being stuck. But I think the switches are normally closed. When I turn the key all the way to the right (when only the tailight stays on) the brake light goes off and the running light returns. Any ideas??

instead of fabricating my own bracket, I just drilled holes in the plate to match the Edge mounting holes.

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