fork dampner spring clunking

i have an 05 crf450r :excuseme: and if i jounce the forks i get a clunk out of the left side fork. it has always done this sence it was new. the dealer (carls cycle sales) :excuseme: said it was just the spring hitting the outer tube under a load. well i just did the front seals and complete bushings and o ring kit from pivot works. i noticed on tear down that the dampner spring has been rubbing on the shaft that runs through it. well i replaced all the parts that came in the kit and the noise went away..........for a few hours. dont know what else to do here to fix this. i am kinda thiking new springs but the other side is loose on there too but it doesn't have any problems. other thought is that i am losing fork oil out of the bottom of the inner tube and dont have enough preasure on the spring to keep it tight. :confused:

yeah sounds like your inner chamber upper piston or lower rod seal is leaking.

race tech or factory conn. has those seals.

The fork spring is always going to hit the outer tube when it collapses. Its just the nature of the beast.

If your talking about the ICS, you shouldnt be able to hear anything from there.

Now, if the damper rod itself is hitting the main spring, thats a huge problem. The spring is bad. It has a bad coil thats allowing it to deflect in a manner that is way way wrong. I cant imagine how the main spring could hit the damper rod. I find it even harder to see how the ICS could hit the base valve mounting rod.

i know the fork spring has to hit the outer tube but it does it before there is enough psi on it to make a noise that you can hear while sitting on you bike.

what is the ics.

the main fork spring is not hitting or making any noise. plus they are brand new and the problem is still there. the smaller spring on the top of the fork is getting loose in there and wearing a groove on the rod that has the adjuster screw in it, about a 1/4 inch from the fork cap.

yeah sounds like your inner chamber upper piston or lower rod seal is leaking.

race tech or factory conn. has those seals.

Exactly what I was thinking.

Are you losing oil from the outer chamber or is the inner chamber(cartridge) with the smooth rod leaking oil and not fully extending by itself?

I think I realize what you are talking about now. Your inner chamber is blown and that is why the fork is collapsing onto itself because there is no pressure on the damping rod to keep it extended.

You might want to bring your stuff to a 'reputable' shop to have it fixed, especially if you have never worked on the inner chamber. Don't ride it until it is fixed.

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