1996 ktm 250 sx locked up

Ok well i was riding my 1996 ktm 250 sx and it stalled after riding it for a little bit. When i went to kick it over it was locked up, and i thought great cyclinder is junk or the crank is seized but neither. After a while it started to move again. I figured i rip the motor down to see what was wrong, and the cylinder is perfect, piston looks fine, and the crank moves freely. the bike had plenty oil and coolant. When i pulled one of the powervalve covers off i saw that one of the screws had come out. Dont see how this would make it lock up seeing as it was running with the screw out? Motor has new a new crank bearing and the other side was fine minimal wear. The crank was recently out and checked, also minimal wear. Not sure what the problem is here.

so the engine didnt seize but it locked up?

yeh it didnt seize it locked up, but it isnt gears or anything because as it sat it started to move easier and easier. Then after a couple hours is was like it never happened. Im not a beginner when it comes to motor work and this has me puzzled.

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