600 jet issue i think

Ok guys my brother picked up a 87xr600. It wasnt running but I found out the stator was bad so I rewraped it. Well now when we ride the bike it cuts out then it come back and then out, if you roll on the gas just a 1/4 of the way it runs smooth but as soon as you go further it cuts in and out. I cleaned the carbs but there wasnt anything there but I did notice that the jets seemed lean. The main is 122, pilot is 45, and the air screw is 1 turn out from the bottom. The only thing the bike has done to it is a white brothers slip on disk muffler.

Any ideas would be great



seems under-jetted, some great info can be found here...


i did a lot of research on XR's before i found a gud deal and bought an "L"


Dynojet still sells a re-jet kit for the XR/XL600R.

this is brad on my bros account. so you guys think that would cause what is happing?

Don't overlook spark isues

At least 50% of carburetor problems are caused by the ignition system. :confused:

ok thanks guys ill look in to the spark and see. what size jets do you guys think well need? im in CA at sea level.

I've seen alot of wolod out wire ends cut it off after unscrewing it and srew it back on tight

The DJ kit that I am installin now in a XL600R comes with a 128 main in the left carb and a 132 in the right and the needles with the e-clip in the top groove, go with a 65 pilot (stock is 62 although some hgad 65's in em) and run the air fuel screw 2 turns out. Make sure the air box is clean and opened up and the filter is also clean. If you get into raising the needles a notch - make not of the position of the return spring, because you will have to reset it into the same position. NOT fun. I am still in work on mine...

I am hoping this rejet on my XL600R makes as much difference as it does when you uncork an XR650L.

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