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Hybrids are cool, but are they worth it?

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Alright I have absolutely no need or use for another bike, but I still am considering building a hybrid because it just seems like such a cool idea.:confused:

Are there really any advantages over just mellowing out a 250?? Or simply buying a KTM 200? Does it still feel light like a 125?? How much heavier is it than the 125 it started as??

What year bikes work best? sounds like people are using mostly 00-02 kx 125's, why is this?

What year kdx engine should a guy look for?

And what was this somebody mentioned about how the engine fits into a Honda chassis even easier???:excuseme: :excuseme: :sweden:

I race hare scrambles, and debated between a 125 (nice and light but not a woods friendly or 200lb guy friendly power band) and a 250 (plenty of power, maybe too much, and heavier) ended up ordering a 250, and now I start reading about these things and it sounds like it might be the way to go for woods.

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The KX powerplant is made for MX. You can tame it but it is still an MX bike. the KDX powerplant is designed for woods and it is really really good. The MX bikes have better technology and ergos. So using the KDX motor and an MX bike makes alot of sense. Yamaha did it with the WR back in the 90's so did suzuki woth th RMZ. Kwi never did it.

KTM200 is a hand full and it is pretty small. the choice if you race for a living but a bit much for recreationalk riding.

The SUPEER easy rideability of the KDX motor is the real key. Plenty of power and grunt but very very managable It makes torque before a 250 thumper does, quite a bit more actually and it is pretty broad. Easy of power delivery, low cost, time proven design, managability make the hybrid a rreal good solution to a problem., BTW, magazines have been sayig this for decades.

KX250 faster, KTM200 faster but the goal is not fast it is doing everything really well not just a few things. handling, power, ergos, maintenance, power, speed, torque, managability, ease of use in complicated terrain is what we are after. KTM200 or KX250 does soe better but the hybrid does all of them well.

I have an 02 and an 03. Yeah you cna out the motor in an early CR pretty easy as well. Weldig aluminum may be a problem for some.

There will always be those tha thnk bike X is the best. A Cr500 is the bestwoods weapon if you lug it,or a DRZ is more versitale. That said it is fairly widly recognized that the KDX was one of the best trail bikes ever made. Not an MX bike a trail bike, you know woods and what not. Been reading that for 20 years. If that is true, and it is, how can fixing the dated parts be other than a superior trail machine. The trick is the motor. Putting it in a new bike is definitly worth it to some. Not to all though. There is room for us all.:confused:

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