Post your Location Here For Other TT members.

I'm in London, KY. Anyone riding in or near this area send me an email:

A 1 or 2 hour drive to ride is about my Limit.

I had proposed something like this to the admin quite a while back.

It wold be nice to have a list of "volunteers" and their locations. The "volunteers" could offer information about a used bike in their area, prior to making a trip to see it. Or if you traveling through and breakdown. You might be able to offer some assistance, etc, etc.

I belong to a Chevelle owners club and they have a "buddy" list.

I live in SE Pennsylvania!


Dead Central Iowa, better known as Ames.

i thin that woud be a great idea to have the willing post name address and phone incase they need a place to stay. I have plenty of room.

Chris Lewis

804 colorado st.

Rathdrum ID 83854


come on and visit. and bring your bike or sled what ever season.


I'm in Pittsburgh Pa.


Western NY- Rochester

Rochester, NY also.

South central PA ( lancaster )

Tower City Trail Rider Member.

East-central IOughtaWentAround. Home of the Hawkeyes! Your 'Clones ruined our perfect (otherwise) season, RoosteR13! Just wait till wrestling and bb grudge matches!! Chris: you are REALLY tempting me!!! Must be great out there!

Not much to offer around here in the way of riding, but if you, like Bob Seger, ever find yourself "on a long, lonesome highway east (240 miles) of Omaha...", call me at 319-626-6809. If you don't reach me, try 319-321-6168 'cause I'm probably driving the semi that just blew around you! ( Talk about getting ROOSTED!!):):D

Why don't they have a search for this, only for those that want to advertise it ofcorse??

western pa (about 45 min from pittsburgh)

Morro Bay, California--220 miles south of San Francisco, 220 miles north of Los Angeles.

Benwood, WV

10 min. south of Wheeling, WV

1 hour from Pittsburgh, PA

Smith Center, Kansas

15 miles from the geographical center of the United States. We ride every Sunday. I wish I would have known about the guys in Ames, Iowa. I was up there with my bike and couldn't find anyplace to ride.

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