XR's only Header with _____ exhaust can?

I was just wondering if anyone has tried using the XR's only header (seeing that it seems to be the only aftermarket header available for the XRL) with any aftermarket canisters from other manufacturers?

I'm looking at getting a WB E2 canister, but my headers are toast and was hoping to replace them w/the XR's only header...anyone try this (or similar combination) with any success? Thanks!

BTW this is for a '97 XR650L.

Oh, and awesome board! I've already done my first valve adjust thanks to many tips/tricks I read about on this board.:confused:

FMF makes a nice header for the XR650L also, $250.00


Thanks for the heads up on the FMF. I'm guessing most people run the stock headers with aftermarket slip-ons...:confused:

I was just curious if anyone tried a different combo. Maybe i'll give it a go and see how/if it matches up. :excuseme:

I'd like to know the same thing. I have a stock header on my 650R but a Pro Circuit slipon, it fits in place just like the stock muffler. With that...is there an aftermarket header then that would mount right up to the Pro circuit?

Have you thought of doing the whole XR's system?

Will it fit with the Unabiker guards?

I've been wondering the same thing for some time now. My bike came with a white bros. e series slip on and I'd like to get the XR's only header for it. Anyone used this combo? I don't see why it wouldn't work but I want to make sure before I drop $200 on the header

I have a XR's only system on my 02 and I like it.It fits nice and looks clean.As far as performance I really dont know cuz the bike

came with it and I don't have any thing to compare to

I ended up skipping the XR's only header and going with the full FMF. I really wanted to try it but worried that i'd spend the money on the header and it wouldn't fit anything...still curious if anyone has tried it though.

The stock header can be made to look nicer then the aftermarket ones and with a Jet Hot coat job inside and out, is more durable too and most likely will out perform them too.

Pic in my "garage".

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