2004 Tc 450

Hey guys

Ok some of you really helped me a few days ago with a problem...so I am hoping my luck will continue.

I unfortunately pulled the spark plug wire out of the boot and managed to fix it temporarily but it just doesn't seem tight. I have found Halls sells the OEM boot for $41 .... just curious if anyone can recommend an aftermarket boot and wire...can I use a regular straight 7mm car plug wire? I did a search and did find some info but any imput anyone has would be great. no spark no ride :confused:




the wire should screw into the cap. NGK makes a splicer to go from wire to wire.

Thanks problem fixed with the NGK boot. Got it from the Yamaha dealer...had to buy a new plug too but still only $15 compared to the $40 plus waiting time for the Husky parts. Thanks ...now need to work ont he jetting.

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