Spark plug condition on 08 TE

2008 EFI TE-510, just over 500 miles, Performance kit installed with O2 sensor removed, 91 octane pump gas, have not taken the bike in to have them re-map with the Ibeat software yet.........otherwise bike is completely stock!!! I love the power and have no desire to mess with the EFI mapping, and IMHO the plug looks like she is running crisp and clean.......What do you think ?


Looks just like my plug after my first ride on the TE 250 with the comp kit. I don't see how it could have run any better.:confused:

Outter ring being black your rich on the main, but with pump junk you have to run it like that, have to look down inside the plug along the porcelin for read on low to mid circuit. The tip looks good touch on the lean side at idle. Really hard to tell from pic. With all the new green chemicals in gas today hard to get a good plug reading these days. Safest to be on the richer side in todays world with the gas available. Later George

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