Dual Sport/Enduro Riding Gear

I'm looking to buy some riding gear for a Supermoto I recently bought. For a jacket I'm looking at something in the Cortech line of products (GX air jacket with leather). Do you guys think Cortech is a good brand? I want a jacket that's good for three season riding. Any other suggestions?

Also looking for good gloves, boots, and pants. I haven't researched any of these yet so please provide suggestions.

Please support ideas with WHY you like that particular gear, otherwise your post won't help me make a decision.


WOW! What a wonderful response...well I think I've decided on the Tour Master Flex Series 2 Jacket and Flex series pants with some Fox bomber gloves. I like the idea of being able to have a solid jacket and pants when in the dirt so they are easier to clean and switching them to mesh for warm weather street riding. Both jacket and pants have a zip out rain liner and insulation for wet/cold/mild/hot riding. They seem like versatile riding gear...I just have to go order them now.

Any thoughts?

I have a Cortech Fusion (textile) jacket. Well made,zip out liner,removable armor,not the best for 75+ deg. F.

For pants,I run either relaxed fit Draggin Jeans,Kevlar lined areas and optional knee pads.

I also have a pair of Joe Rocket Alter Ego pants. Great pants on or off road with zip out vent strips in the thigh area and removable knee pads.They also come with a wet weather removable lining.

For me, it depends on the ride.. will you be riding all pavement? gravel? gnarly, rutted, rocky, steep? All of the above? The point of gear is protection in the conditions you ride in. It would be silly to wear a full visor moto helmet & a roost protector if you're riding 80mph on the pavement. Those conditions don't warrant that gear.

For general dual sport riding, here's what i like.

Jacket: textile with leather trim.. armored, vented. The armor protects from hits, the leather for any sliding along pavement.. zip vents give cooling. When it's very hot, & it does get hot in Az, i have a mesh jacket.. a cortech & a fieldsheer. My leather trimmed textile is a joe rocket. I also have a couple of full leather jackets, but they are heavy, & unless i'm doing long road rides, i seldom wear them.

Pants: leather perforated pants with knee & hip armor.. good for offroad hits, & good for pavement abrasion resistance. I also have some mesh pants for hot weather.

Gloves: I like street gloves for dual sport riding.. they give some knuckle protection in get offs & come in leather or mesh for weather variations. My favorite is a shorty pair with carbon fiber knuckles.. as comfortable as the thinner moto gloves, but more protection. For long road rides, i have thick leather, full gauntlet gloves.

Boots: For mostly dirt, i'll wear the sidi crossfires. If it's a long, multi day trip, i'll wear my vertigo corsa road boots. they give the best protection short of a full motocross boot.

I don't really stick to any particular brand.. just get good stuff, & try to get it clearance. Dennis Kirk & Rocky mtn atv have good prices.. also check ebay. newenough.com is also another good source for clearance gear.

try different stuff.. get it cheap. my motto. :thumbsup:

If you're going to be truly riding supermoto, I'd highly suggest skipping the textile and buying a 2-piece vented leather suit. Though I don't SM myself, I have a few friends who do, and they all have had their respective hides saved by the cowhide! Just drag your bike out of the ditch, fire it up and keep going. Ain't nothin' like leather for slidin' down the road.

Of the 3 different textile road-riding coats I have, one is a TourMaster Flex. It has a few pros & cons, like any product that is trying to do many things for many people.

The quality of construction and materials is very good, better than my Joe Rocket or AGV coats.

The downside of a jacket that has 2 liners is getting the correct fit. If you buy a jacket w/ a good snug/proper fit w/ the thermal liner installed, the jacket is then way too big with it out, and vise-versa. I went with the snug fit (remember, dress for the crash -no baggy material!) w/o the liners. I threw away the rain liner as it's useless, and never use the thermal liner, as I use a Warm & Safe heated liner that's paper thin when I need extra warmth. (probably not practical for SM use)

My coat is the grey/black combo, and the grey seems to get dirty very quickly. It's like the fabric is a dirt magnet. May not be a good choice for SM work...

The sleeves on my coat are a little too short. They should be cut longer.

My wife and I bought the Flex jackets because of the zip-off panels w/ the primary reason being we needed to conserve space on our sport-tourer (currently an FJR) while on multi-day/week trips. You just don't have enough room to pack a vented coat and a full-body coat. The flex fits the bill for us as when the panels are removed, they take up very little room. The downside (and it's a big one) is that removing or installing the panels is not something you'll want to do frequently as it's fairly time-consuming. It's really a pain, esp. installing them. (i.e. "Is this the left arm or the right? No, it's upside down, no you've got my left arm, and I've got your right...". It takes several minutes to put them on, so it's NOT covenient to stop along the side of the road when it's starting to rain and install all the pieces.

Despite these quirks, it's still my jacket of choice in moderate temperatures.

Like always, YMMV.

The photo is of my wife and I in our Tourmaster Flex jackets on top of Mt. Evans, CO, elevation 14,125'. Our helmets are on because it's about 40ºf w/ about a 30 mph wind. At the bottom, it was a balmy 80º+ !!!


Thanks for the input guys! I think the flex fits the bill for me because I am willing to compromise performance in one area for a little less performance in all areas. I don't have the money to buy several different jackets for different situations and want a jacket that does OK in all situations. BentAero, is the jacket warm enough with the thermal liner it comes with for 30-40 degree temperatures? Is it cool enough for 90-100 degree temperatures? I live in a desert area and we can have some hot summers and cold winters. Will the Flex jacket keep me relatively dry in the rain?

How 'bout helmets anyway? I really don't spend alot of time above 40 mph - ever. However, even at that speed my MX helmet and goggles are COLD. As soon as I hit the single track I get sweaty head irregardless of weather conditions.

If you tell me Suomy, Shoei, Arai, etc. please specify WHY. It took me a bit but I found Sidi MX boots to be absolutely superior to others in regards to fit and comfort. Is that the case with the big name brand street helmets too?

BentAero, is the jacket warm enough with the thermal liner it comes with for 30-40 degree temperatures? Is it cool enough for 90-100 degree temperatures? Will the Flex jacket keep me relatively dry in the rain?

No, no, and no. :thumbsup:

I've never used the "winter" liner it came with, but I'd say no, esp. on a SM as you have no wind protection (i.e fairing/windshield)

When it's reaaaallly hot, I use my AGV full vented coat, as it's much cooler. The flex is not fully vented, so it's a bit warmer.

The trouble w/ the flex rain liner is that it's chintzy, leaks, and it's worn next to your body (can you say 'sticky'?) rather than the outside of the jacket. Because of this, the fabric gets totally soaked, and then weighs 20 lbs.

To solve this, I went to a bicycle shop and bought a Tyvek rain jacket in XL size, and wear it over my vented coats when in heavy rain. It's cheap, (about $30.) nearly indestructable except for crashing, superlight-weight, and wads up in a ball about the size of two fists.

Good ruck!

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