oil strainers

I was pulling into the pits when my bike started making a scuffing sound from the engine. Sounded like lack of lubrication. My question is could not checking and cleaning the oil strainers have caused me not to get oil to the engine? i forgot to clean the feed pump side the last 2 oil changes. and i personally have never checked or cleaned the one in the case. what kind of damage am i looking at? I AM FREAKING OUT! did i trash my motor completely?:confused::sweden::excuseme::crazy::excuseme::p PLEASE HELP and explain these oil strainers to me please.

how often do you change your oil? and if you use a pretty good oil I dont think that your oil strainers would get blocked up. I mean, if you get enough metal shavings in there to clogg it up to the point oil cant pass through you have other issues you need to worry about.

check clutch plates

What is a suffling sound? What year bike? We have a 07 that started a loud tick on after a harescramble. After replacing the top end, I discovered the ex. cam had worn beyond specs in the journal area. I just recieved the cam today hopefully will have it in tomm. For info I called Hotams and they said they will be ready at the end of the month.

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