1983 xr 80 no compression

got this bike from a friends barn.. laying on its side engine filled with water hense the ice block when i took valve cover off.. melted the ice and drained all the water ..filled with oil.. he told me he put new rings in and engine had no spark thats why it was left in the barn.. i cleaned the points and replaced a 2 dollar plug cap and has plenty of spark... now it has 0 compression.. where should i start???

Complete engine tear down,inspection and rebuild.

Water when frozen, expands, and can damage cylinders, cylinder head, engine cases ect. Look for small cracks(or large ones)

All so Factor in rust, it can pit bearing,crank shaft,cylinder, valves and other steel componets. Seizing moving parts.

The fact that the engine turns over is a good sign.

Honestly, you just might want get a new motor. Unless you are capable of tearing it down completely and checking the crank and trans for irresverable damage. But you can probably get a XR100 motor for the same price as a new crank, bearings, and piston/rings plus boring.

my local bike shop has xr100 motor for $1000

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