Beware water crossings

While out riding my brand new 426Wr I crossed a creek that I've crossed many times on other bikes and my new 426 stalled mid stream. I pulled the compression release and kicked her over several times to clean its throat. but no fire. seams the dealer over oiled my air filter and fouled the plug.(luckey for me) because, the crank vent tube was under water at the time. While kicking the bike over it sucked water in and up the tube into the motor! Get that bike out of the water before its re-started! And, dont use to much oil on the air filter!

:) I seem to recall a thread on this how did that discussion go?????

SoCal...can you remember how it went? :D

bigdrtrdr, do a search on "crank case breather" and a few suggestions for remedying the problem are there...suggestions mind...suggestions..LOL


Actually Guy,

This is a great post. Because this is the 1st person to mention that HE actually had this happen to HIM, and not his buddy who had a friend who heard about sombody's 3rd cousin who might have seen it! :) I'm very interested to know exact details. How did you know there was H2o in your crank case? Did you push it to the creek bank and remove your tank and valve cover before running it? Did you see milky semi liquid coming from your breather hose at the end of the day?.. Not trying to start-up that old thread again, just investigating.. Hmmmmm :D


It may have sucked water into the breather while kicking it in the water but the reason it died in the first place is the pink carb vent hoses were under water. I crossed the same water crossing dozens of times and my WR would stall every single time until I finally realised what was causing it. Once I figured that out I started pulling the pink hoses up out of the way before I'd cross the water and I never had the bike stall again after that.

Install a vent kit, and you will have no more problems. I stalled in a deep mud hole when I just got my 99 WR, and there was a hole on my right side. Needless to say, tall bike, no footing, in seconds only the very tip of my left grip and my face was out of the water and mud. 1 1/2 hours later, a gallon of water out of the pipe, new plug, kicking my a@# off it started. I had to ride 10 miles back to the rig. It took me 4 times running oil through it to get the milky residue out. 2 seasons later, a vent kit, the crank breather tucked under the front plate, never had that problem again.

:) As you say SoCal, it is nice to find someone it HAS happened to, rather than rumour, it is interesting to hear about the carb vent hoses causing stalling, what sort of length of crossing are we talking about????, I have done some "Heart in the Mouth" sort of water crossings and never had a problem, but I could just have been lucky!

The water has been up near the seat and for a reasonable distance as well

I do believe that GA426OWNER was the first individual to make this bonehead mistake well over a year ago....

Bonzai :)

Like the message said the plug fouled.I pushed the bike to to nearest road and hauled it home.Changed plug and it fired right up.then checked the oil. and it was a lot of water not just a little contamination.4 oil changes in 1 day suck. I still say the main Stall problem was an over oiled air filter by the dealer.that plug looked like it came from a fat jetted 2 stroke.switched it to NoToil and havent had any fouling since.

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