I live in Kent, Washington, about 20min south of Seattle.... I frequent the Little Naches Campgrounds all summer long, what I'm wondering is, I know that there is a way to get to Naches from the Yakima side, but does anyone have specific directions how I would get there from my home in Kent??? I'm wanting to head up maybe next weekend to do some trail riding/camping without the HUGE summer crowds... Thanks for any help I get...

To answer your question go I-90 to Ellensburg then to yakima and head back west on hywy 12 from Yakima. Then go straight onto hywy 410 where hywy 12 turns left. When you pass Whistling Jacks you know you are within 5 miles of the turn off for the little naches river road.


that area along the little naches river road is roughly the same elevation as the freeway at the I-90 summit (about 2700 feet). I haven't been there but I'm sure everything is under several feet of snow right now. You won't be able to ride a motorcycle there any time soon. If you are planning to check it out on a snowmobile you will have fun. I live in the Puyallup area and love to ride over there but I don't even try until mid june or later.

I used to live on the Kent East Hill. When Chinook Pass opens (hopefully around Memorial Day, but could be later this year), you can go Hwy 410. If you're on the Kent East Hill, take the back roads (SR 169) to Enum-scratch (claw) and then take Hwy 410 up and over and on into Little Naches. USFS Road 19 turn off is around mile marker 92 or so. It took me just 2 hrs from my door step to the camp ground at Long Meadow towing a trailer and hauling bikes.

I was up there last week on my sled. awesome. Its going to be a while this year.

You can ride over from this side. fs rd 70 and the naches trail. I also live on the hill. PM me and Ill show you the way. We usually do a thursday afternoon/night ride over to wislin jacks during the summer / fall. Thats a blast and its prime rib night..

Contact the Yakima Valley Dust Dodgers club. They might be doing some trail work at lower elevations. If you offer to help they may invite you to tag along.


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